The Show is Still On!!!!

As of 11/8, the Gaslight Theater Players are still performing The Hallelujah Girls by Jones, Hope, and Wooten on 11/13, 11/14, 11/20, and 11/21 at the Gaslight Theater in Georgetown, Oh.

The Players presented a plan to the Brown County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Health.  Based on the plan, the ODH has granted a variance and are allowing us to seat up to 125 people per performance, subject to the following conditions:

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times, especially during intermission and in restrooms, except for allowable exceptions
  • Guests will perform self-health assessments. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, stay home – we will miss you, but stay safe!
  • Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained. Social distance spacing will be marked on the floor/stairs.
  • The elevator will be operating. A separate line will be designated for those needing the elevator.  The elevator buttons will be cleaned after each use.
  • An entrance path and an exit path will be defined and will not cross.
  • No congregating before or after performances is permitted. We will not be doing our typical meet and greet after the show.
  • The box office workers will be behind Plexiglas. One worker will take money and a second worker will give change from a separate money box to avoid potential contamination. We are cash only at the door.  Please have exact change if possible.
  • Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned regularly.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available in convenient locations.
  • Ushers will be used to seat guests. Please follow their instructions.
  • Use of ‘pod’ seating. A pod is a pre-defined section of seats that allows for 6 feet in all directions from other guests.
  • No more than 4 persons from one group/family will be permitted to sit together. More than 4 people from a group/family can attend, but groups of more than 4 will be seated in separate pods.
  • Note that there are 46 defined pods in the plan presented to ODH. Once either 125 tickets or 46 pods are filled, no more tickets will be sold.

The shows on the 13th , 14th , and 20th start at 8:00 PM, with the doors opening at 7:30 PM.  On the 21st, the Gaslight Theater House Band will perform prior to the show, starting at 7:00 PM, with the doors opening at 6:30.

For questions/concerns, please contact us at