Group Fundraising

The Gaslight Theater Players recognize that in order for the community to support community theater, community theater must support the community. With that in mind, the Gaslight Theater Players are pleased to announce their new group fundraising plan.

It’s very simple. First contact us at gaslighttheaterplayers@gmail. com and let us know you are interested by providing us with the name of your group and contact person. Then, when people purchase full priced tickets for the production, have them remind the person selling the tickets that they are buying the tickets in the name of your group. They’ll be asked to sign in with the number of tickets they purchased.

Once the production is over, we will tally up the number of people who attended in your group’s name, and send your group a check based on the following scale:

10-24 attended – $2 per person
25-49 attended – $3 per person
50+ attended – $4 per person.

If 40 people attend, your organization will receive $120. If 75 people attend, your organization will receive $300.

It isn’t necessary that everyone in your group attends the same performance (currently 2 Friday performances and 2 Saturdays performances = 1 production).

That’s all there is to it. You decide to participate, let us know, and then let your group members, family, and friends know, and we’ll take care of the rest.